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“What does” great lawyer “mean? It means a lawyer useful for judges to help them decide according to justice, useful for the client to help him assert his reasons. Useful is that lawyer who speaks what is strictly necessary, who writes clear and concise, who does not clutter the hearing with his intrusive personality, who does not bore the judges with his prolixity and does not put them in suspicion with his subtlety: precisely the opposite, therefore, of what some public understands by “great lawyer”. ”

Training and Experience


Graduated in Law at the age of 23 with 110 cum laude, Winner of the national award “Marco Ubertini”.
Public defender, support administrator, specialized in the right to the protection of personal data.
He is currently attending the course for delegate in real estate sales at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.


Professional updating and maximum availability with the support of new technologies is the strength that offers the customer competence and professionalism.


Attorney Amedeo Stoppa has assisted numerous professionals and companies to achieve privacy compliance aimed at demonstrating the owner’s concrete attention to the processing of personal data.
Specialized in criminal law thanks to the experience gained as an official defender.

Enrolled in the list of Official Defenders

Attending the course for Sales Delegate

Support administrator at the Court of Arezzo

Winner of the “Marco Ubertini“ national prize for the mark obtained in the qualifying examination for the profession of lawyer

Erasmus + EU Program at Tratos l.T.D, Knowsley, UK

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